Camp Druzy is a fun mini-camp at Guevavi Ranch in support of children in our communities who are grieving the loss or separation from a caregiver or close family member.  

 We offer strengths and evidence-based activities that harness the power of nature, and children's' innate creativity, to improve resilience factors such as confidence, competence, coping, sense of connection, overall well-being, and more!  

Choose Love Movement


CHARM is the Arizona Ambassador of the  Choose Love Enrichment Program, a no-cost, social and emotional learning program implemented in schools (PK-12th), home, and community settings. 

Informed by decades of research, the Choose Love Enrichment Program teaches participants how to have healthy relationships, manage emotions, and be resilient in the face of challenges - cultivating safer communities from the inside out. 

Nogi Yogis


Nogi Yogis supports maternal mental health by teaching contemplative practices, basic health and nutrition, and more, to boost well-being for pregnant women and families with a newborn. 

Resources include mindfulness training, tailored growth charts, social supports, and healthy food. Our goal is to empower Mom's with simple ways to care for themselves that are also beneficial for the health and well-being of their child(ren). 



 When a parent or close family member dies, children not only struggle emotionally but can also experience social challenges when needs like basic hygiene and clothing take a back-seat in the home.

 TAPESTRY offers parenting and coping skills for families in grief, creative expression activities, budgeting lessons, and tips on dressing for success and confidence. 

Additionally, we offer families a fun shopping spree experience with a fashion expert to teach them how to get the most bang for their buck, feel confident in their choices, and empower them to express their unique style.








Santa Cruz County School Superintendent's Office



My Best Friend is a Giraffe Books Support Camp Scholarships

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English: Dylan has a best friend named Druzy, a Giraffe that only he can see, who accompanies him on adventures near and far. They catch rainbows, surf, and sing - Druzy guides Dylan throughout his day, and even while asleep dreaming -- together they never stop make-believing! 

All proceeds support scholarships for children to attend Camp Druzy.

Spanish:  Dylan tiene un mejor amigo llamado Druzy, una Jirafa quien solo el puede ver, quien lo acompaña en sus aventuras. ¡Atrapan arcoíris, surfean, y cantan - Druzy guia a Dylan durante su día, hasta cuando sueña dormido -- juntos no dejan de seguir imaginando! 

Todo lo recaudado apoya becas para niños en atender "Camp Druzy".

CHARM-Approved Resources

CBCT (Cognitively-based Compassion Training)

 CBCT® (Cognitively-Based Compassion Training) is based on the Tibetan Buddhist lojong tradition, a set of meditative practices that are designed to 

bring about 'thought transformation.'  CBCT renders this mind training methodology into a contemporary form appropriate for use by individuals of any, or no, faith tradition. 

Heart-Assisted Therapy (HAT)

The HAT®  model of psychotherapy is gentle but can be deceptively intense as treatment gets 

“to the heart of the matter” quickly while promoting healing shifts. 

HeartMath Institute: Test Your Current State of Well-Being

Take HeartMath Institute’s New Personal Well-Being Survey™, to get a window into your current state of being and discover simple tools you can use to live a healthy, more vibrant life. This scientifically developed assessment tool measures four key dimensions of well-being:

Stress management



Emotional vitality

The survey contains a series of 25 simple questions and takes around 4-5 minutes to answer. Next, it compares your data to a "normed" group of individuals, which provides an accurate reference point. Then, the survey offers recommendations and practical tools to improve your levels, should you have a low score in any of the four dimensions.

Integrative Touch

Integrative Touch™ is a healing framework and hands-on therapeutic approach that allows participants to focus on the things that they most want to heal in their lives at a mind, body, and spirit level. Integrative Touch™ is changing the way children and families are being treated in hospitals and outpatient clinics in Tucson, Arizona.  

La Leche League of Arizona

 La Leche League is an international, nonprofit, nonsectarian organization dedicated to providing education, information, support, and encouragement to those who want to breastfeed.  

Psychology Today: Moving on After Mourning

Grief is the normal response to loss. And hard as it may seem to believe when we're in its throes, we typically move on with life while holding onto memories of our loved one.   

CHARM-Approved Resources (cont.)

Sesame Street in Communities

Sesame Street in Communities builds on an almost 50-year commitment to caring for the developmental, physical, and emotional needs of children. Thoroughly researched and tested with families, these resources are proven to make a measurable difference for kids, and make your job as a parent or educator a little bit easier. Through community partnerships, engagement efforts, and a constantly growing bank of materials, Sesame Street in Communities will continue to expand. 

As your children’s needs grow and change, they’ll have evidence-based, age-appropriate resources to help on topics such as grief , resilience, and more - and grow smarter, stronger, and kinder. Because we’re all in this together.

The SoulPhone Foundation's Greater Reality Living Groups

Much evidence indicates that bodily death is not the end of life, just an entry into another phase of forever. The SoulPhone Foundation is a 501c3 organization that currently supports Greater Reality Living Community Groups. These groups provide safe places – online and locally – where people around the world can learn, discuss and integrate Greater Reality Living keys:

  1. Learn that your consciousness/energy/spirit survives bodily death
  2. Internalize the great news that you are a forever being
  3. Vitalize your body, mind, and spirit
  4. Enjoy the many benefits of greater reality living
  5. Serve others and make the world a better place

Tu Nidito Grief Education & Intervention

Tu Nidito is available to provide on-site grief intervention and support in the event of a death or tragedy in the community that impacts children and teens.  They offer group support, one-on-one support and additional resources immediately following the death. Please contact Tu Nidito at 520-322-9155 to make arrangements for grief intervention in Tucson, Arizona.   

University of Minnesota: Take Charge of Your Health & Well-being

A comprehensive resource for learning more about holistic practices.